Kingdom of Corvus

Running and Forging

The heroes continued the city-wide run in New Bastion. Docks, barges, fruit carts, guard dogs, cheating, swimming in sludge, and other hijinks ensued. As the race neared the end, Scott, Two-teeth, and Roland made their way up the tower at the head of the pack. Garth made a last minute attempt to launch himself into the lead with a hidden rope on the tower. When that didn’t work, the brash town guard attempted to sabotage the other racers with the same rope. Unfortunately, the only person he foiled was Two-Teeth, who proceeded to teach him a lesson about cheating at the base of the tower as they fell. Roland took the opportunity in all the chaos and launched himself up the lead and won the race.

The town celebrated the victory and Roland received 500gp and Boots of Eagerness. He also got the attention of a scribe. The scribe approached Roland and asked if he would be interested in assisting with a “situation.” Roland agreed and brought the other heroes with him. They found out that the scribe worked for someone in the House Cannith.

After meeting the scribe, he told them that his masters had been funding a project located off the cliffs of New Bastion. After dancing around the subject, he admitted that it was an archaeological dig that had found the Creation Forge. An ancient artifact that he didn’t know much about, but that he thought a war-forged would be very interested in. The problem was that the project was behind schedule and the researchers hadn’t checked in for the past 24 hours. He suspects something happened to them and mentioned goblins had been found around the area. He promised a reward if they could bring back the researchers and keep this quiet. If word got out about the forge, before it was properly discovered, his masters would lose their position to lever more profitability out of the findings.

The heroes agreed and tracked down the researchers. They found two set of prints at the top of the cliff. One belonged to goblins and the other seemed to belong to a grey dragon. Cautiously, the heroes advanced. The walked down the hidden path leading to a series of cliffside caves. They found proof of a scuffle and followed it into the caves. The heroes were beset by some hobgoblins upon entering the caves. After a quick but fierce fight, the heroes cut down the goblins and found strange markings on their arms: a ornate blade apparently marking them as Bladebearers…

Now the heroes must press on to find out what happened to the researchers.

Experience Points:
550 xp

75gp each (split from David’s winnings)
Boots of Eagerness
There was also a satchel that was found leftover from a recent dig with some unidentified items inside:
400 GP
1 Black Pearl (worth 500gp but could be bartered for higher value)
A brown canvas bag
A dried, preserved monkey paw on a strong chain

Running The City

The heroes awoke in the morning and explored the city. They did some early morning shopping, and got some interesting items.

The heroes met a new adventurer, Arielle, who joined their party, and learned about a race across town with a hefty prize.

They did some initial investigation into the city and the other racers and decided to join in themselves. The race had five paths: one down the poor streets, one on the poor street roofs, one down the main street, one down the rich streets, and one on the rich street roofs. The heroes picked a path and began racing.

Soon though, it was revealed that it was going to be a tough race no matter the path. The squeezing crowds of the main street, the white-hot tiles of the rich houses in the magic district, the shady streets in the poor district, and other challenges presented themselves to the heroes.

The heroes found themselves half-way through the race and are still neck-to-neck with some of the other racers…

Experience Points:
Total = 350xp

Various purchased at the shops

Welcome to New Bastion!

The heroes jumped back into the game world after activating the second basement elevator. They landed again in the dead T’rilk’s den. After a short rest, they pressed on down the road.

Soon they found evidence of another scuffle on the road (similar to the missing wagon). Except, there were footprints of survivors this time. Following the tracks, the heroes found a gathering of wounded T’or Cultists. It would appear they had a fight with T’rilk and barely survived. The heroes engaged with the embattled cultists and managed to overwhelm them.

After the fight, the heroes interrogated one of the cultists to find out why they were working with T’or. He claimed that T’or saved them from a life of confusion and subservience to a lesser god. Now they spread her word to the major towns and attempt to gain converts. There are a number of them that fight to get dominance over small unprotected villages, and the cultist claimed that they have spies working within certain civilizations. He soon started deteriorating his speech into babble. The attempt to interrogate the other cultist only resulted in him committing suicide via a poison capsule. The heroes took note that the two cultists they attempted to interrogate had different symbol patterns with red lines instead of black. Perhaps, the new patterns designated ranks or powers…

The heroes left the Feathered Woods and finished walking to New Bastion. They arrived and were allowed inside after revealing that they had no ill purposes (or any more of those damed Tee Ore pamphlets). A lively young man introduced himself as John Swift and offered advice on the city for some silver pieces. After some negotiations, they learned of some of the local inns and some recent history. They found out the King, Corinth, and his son, Ronald (Ronnie), had recently been reunited after a ten year absence. Swift also mentioned a strange emotional healer named Archos that wandered into town about a year ago. He attended to the king’s depression and had it cured even before his son returned.

The heroes then headed toward the Dove Tail for the night…

Experience Points:

2 T’orian Scrolls

Elevator Trouble

The heroes awoke in the out of game world inside the elevator. They decided to take a rest in the elevator while they had a chance. When they finally made their way out of the elevator, they arrived in the basement. Opposite of their elevator, a second elevator opens as a pudgy figure steps onto it. Gary Van Der Mer gloats from the closing doors that his mistress will get a outside line. His door closed and the heroes were left alone in the storage basement…except they weren’t alone.

A sudden attack broke out between the heroes and various rat creatures…Wererats, rat swarms, and dire rats to be exact. The fight was even until the Wererats pushed the stacks over on top of most of the fighters. The rats gained the upper hand due to mobility, but even then the heroes still managed to defeat their foes.

After the fight, the heroes investigated the stacks for clues and supplies. They found some VR Helmets, a blueprint of the facility revealing a sub-basement and upper offices, and an iPad like device. The device turned on and showed a vague female face who addressed the heroes as ToRIE. She rebuked the heroes for fighting the system she set up for them. She claimed that their efforts were fruitless as she had control of certain sectors (15,16,24,26,30), was frustrated at their tunneling into other sectors (10,12,13,19,20), and had just been able to reclaim sector 16. She was cut off as James hacked into the system. He warned the contestants that they only had 6 hours left and they had to stop Gary from getting to “Serve Her”…

Experience Points:

One VR Helm

T'rilk's Den

The heroes managed to disable the final trap standing between themselves and the dragon. They revealed a luxurious next made of timber and vines with a woven rug of branches on the floor. T’rilk rose to greet the heroes beneath his dragon-made canopy.

T’rilk demanded to know why they were in his den. During a brief conversation, he revealed that he had toyed around with Kosi Bel and was attempting to understand his connection to a strange magic in the lands. When he refused to say more (insisting that he was under an agreement not to speak against his master), the heroes attempted a full on onslaught.

The fighting was fierce with T’rilk’s ability to maneuver in his den however he pleased as well as firing rapid bursts of poison to the group’s defender and over-exposed healer. Eventually, the heroes got the upper hand after defeating his minions and forcing him to land. Upon death, he fell into his own pit and was promptly decimated by an attempt to harvest him.

The heroes searched his nest and found some interesting spoils as well as finding remains of Durgan (the merchant from Falcon’s Crest) mixed with evidence pointing to him being a member of the T’or cult.

Before the heroes could fully rest, Roland explored a strange light within the nest and pulled the heroes back out of the game…

The Fight vs. T’rilk = 300 xp
Story Award = 150 xp

Treasure (no treasure if you weren’t here though you can argue over exchanging)
Indomitable Resolve Vestments +2
Armor of Resistance (acid) +2
4,000 sp = 750 sp each
5 Falcon crest tokens = 50 gp each

Kosi Bel = Obelisk

The heroes decided to face down the wyrmling to attempt to find out the location of both Kosi and T’rilk. They fought well and brought the infant dragon to within one hit. He surrendered and offered up some but not all of the information he had. Suddenly, an elderly man with a farmer’s tan wandered past the heroes. The wyrmling reacted instantly attempting to grab the man and fly off with him, but in his injured state the heroes took him down with one shot.

A short and fast paced walk-and-talk session revealed the man to be Kosi Bel, the missing farmer. The heroes ended up back on the farm and realized he was seeing the same computer code that the obelisk revealed to them. After questioning him, the word “obelisk” was mentioned in his presence and green words appeared over his head spelling out “Kosi Bel,” and then they rearranged themselves into the single word “Obelisk.” Now activated, the obelisk let them to the green dragon’s den.

The heroes had two encounters with kobolds. The encounters were made more difficult by the presence of difficult and poisonous terrain. The heroes dispatched both of the groups of kobolds, and now stand poised to possibly enter the dragon’s den…

Experience Points:
I accidentally counted some of the wyrmling into last week = 400 xp
Half for all not in attendance


Into The Woods

After having a brief encounter with a young green dragon, the heroes continued down the road to a nearby farm to rest. They had a short confrontation with some swarming kobolds but were able to dispatch them.

Again, they pushed on to the farm. The farm was empty but not destroyed and as they approached an old woman came out of the house yelling for their help. Her poor Kosi had gone missing and she needed their help. The heroes first checked out the woman to make sure she was who she claimed, and once they perceived there was no threat they took a nap.

Shortly after their rest, the old woman filled them in on the supposed kidnapping of her husband, Kosi. The heroes followed the now cold trail to the edge of a clearing where the footprints of kobolds disappeared. Luckily, one of the heroes, Kirrin, spotted formations in the grass where a dragon hovered overhead. She took to the trees and found a path of broken branches leading them further into the woods.

The heroes noticed a gathering of kobolds in the tree tops as well as a rudimentary bridge system between the trees. They prepared themselves for combat, but were surprised to find a green wyrmling waiting for them as well. The fight commenced and after some failed treetop hijinks by the kobolds (who all plummeted to the ground during the fight) the heroes only had one foe left: the wyrmling. He challenged them in draconic, “Feed me or impress me and I’ll show you my master…”

Experience Points:
Swarming kobolds = 200 xp
Treetop encounter = 300 xp
Total = 500 xp


A New Threat

After being banished from Falcon Crest, the heroes said their goodbyes and tried warning Marion about the dangers of her sons political ambitions. George ended up honoring his pledge and told the heroes that they had two choices to find the next obelisk: one was in the Sunken Isles and the other would “find them” on the road to New Bastion.

The heroes made camp just outside the township of Falcon Crest on the edge of the Feathered Woods and watched as a caravan of other banished foreigners made their way past them. During the night, a small band of kobolds attempted to rob the heroes. But thanks to the skills of Roland and Valanei who didn’t suffer the same penalty for sleeping, the kobolds were scared off.

After waking, the heroes realized the kobolds were back in higher numbers. They faced a war priest and dragonshields. After whittling away at the the kobolds, they finally defeated them…unfortunately the kobolds called in their leader: a young green dragon named T’rilk. Most of the heroes avoided notice by hiding in the underbrush, but Bardich launched himself at the dragon. The fight was over quickly as Bardich had not healed. In one swoop, T’rilk bit into the orcs neck snapping it and carrying the dead hero away. The rest of the group was left to contemplate this new enemy and the grisly scene…

Experience Points:
Only actually got through one encounter last week (+ a little for the midnight ambush) = 250 xp each

20 gp each from dead kobolds
Anyone who missed = 150 xp

We All Wear A Masque

The Masquerade was off to a slow start until Scott and his robot pal helped inject some excitement into the evening. Scott even took some time to speak with the depressed Vanessa. All the Houses were represented though the Crests and Wings were more aloof than ever. All the citizens seemed to be split on how they wanted the future of Falcon Crest to shape. And the heroes mostly refused to take sides as they didn’t want to influence a town that wasn’t theirs.

The Inner Sanctum Masquerade was announced and all the heroes found their way in on the arm of a noble. They stopped in most the houses. The Talons had an amazing BBQ spread, the Crests had a low key somber note, Falconis had a luxurious and bustling party, and the Wings had a small private party. The heroes sidled up with the Wings and found out they were invited to meet with “The Golden Son.” The heroes excused themselves from the party and made their way to a back alley meeting that was most likely a trap…

The Golden Son met them with a large guard of Silver Wings. The Wings had warding over them so that they could not hear the conversation. The Golden Son offered them a path to their next obelisk if they promised to complete three tasks: expose the silver wings, find Ileyne, and keep his identity a secret if they discovered it. He then departed stating that the Wings would put up a fight. The heroes defeated the noble and his guards and got them to admit that the Golden Son told them to follow an elaborate plan to set up the Golden Crest for the kidnapping of Ileyne to improve their ranking. The plan went sour when the Crest had a more sinister plot revealed and the Wings have tried to cover it up, but now the heroes decided to expose them.

Marion called it the last straw and decided that an interim government would be set up as a monarchy until the root of all the deception was discovered. Foriegners are also banned during this time…meaning the heroes. The heroes discovered during this process that George Falconis was the Golden Son. Now the question is whether George will hold up his end of the bargain…

Experience Points:
Get the party started! (making sure the party started right) – 25xp
The VIP Treatment (earning your way into the inner sanctum) – 100xp
Taken Under Wing (finding out info on the Silver Wing) – 50xp
Mister Golden Hair Surprise (I just can’t live without you, can’t you see it in my eyes…er…confrontation with The Golden Son and his Wingmen) – 150xp
Total XP = 325xp (175xp for those not in attendance)


Falcon's Leap

After an intense evening of discussions, Marion has decided to leave the fate of the Houses in the hands of the people. They can choose an absolute monarchy, a constitutional monarchy, or keeping everything the same except for banishing the Crest House. After this announcement, the festival was back on!

The heroes participated in and won the Falcon’s Leap. During the leap, Vanessa DeCorvus attempted suicide and the heroes helped intervene. The rest of the leap was wrapping up nicely when Bardich decided to pursue some shady business in town. There was a group of nobles with guards and a smaller figure that separated before the heroes arrived. Some of the party went after Bardich and the nobles, and the rest of the party went after the smaller figure.

Bardich was unprepared for the fight with the guards and was re-soundly beaten. The accompanying heroes placated the guards and were able to remove themselves without further incidence. They did take note of the fact that the noble and guards represented the Silver Wings and seemed to be avoiding talking about why they were so heavily armed…

Meanwhile, the other heroes followed the cloaked figure to a public gathering place. They tried to pick him out of the crowd but were mislead by another cloaked figure trying to turn profit on the tokens used for voting. They then went after another possible subject and learned that the person they were looking for had blond hair. As they were chasing the other heroes approached and joined them, but they eventually realized their subject eluded them.

At the close of the day, Aelar turned the corner to chase a subject and let out a terrible scream. The other heroes investigated and found Aelar dead in the street. No amount of healing brought him back and suddenly…his body vanished. The heroes were left feeling dissatisfied with the unknown reason for the loss of their ally, and the aggravation of being mislead by the golden haired child. At least the masquerade started soon…

All who were in attendance last week = 375 xp
All who were not = 200 xp (rounded up = you’re welcome)



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