Kingdom of Corvus

Running and Forging

The heroes continued the city-wide run in New Bastion. Docks, barges, fruit carts, guard dogs, cheating, swimming in sludge, and other hijinks ensued. As the race neared the end, Scott, Two-teeth, and Roland made their way up the tower at the head of the pack. Garth made a last minute attempt to launch himself into the lead with a hidden rope on the tower. When that didn’t work, the brash town guard attempted to sabotage the other racers with the same rope. Unfortunately, the only person he foiled was Two-Teeth, who proceeded to teach him a lesson about cheating at the base of the tower as they fell. Roland took the opportunity in all the chaos and launched himself up the lead and won the race.

The town celebrated the victory and Roland received 500gp and Boots of Eagerness. He also got the attention of a scribe. The scribe approached Roland and asked if he would be interested in assisting with a “situation.” Roland agreed and brought the other heroes with him. They found out that the scribe worked for someone in the House Cannith.

After meeting the scribe, he told them that his masters had been funding a project located off the cliffs of New Bastion. After dancing around the subject, he admitted that it was an archaeological dig that had found the Creation Forge. An ancient artifact that he didn’t know much about, but that he thought a war-forged would be very interested in. The problem was that the project was behind schedule and the researchers hadn’t checked in for the past 24 hours. He suspects something happened to them and mentioned goblins had been found around the area. He promised a reward if they could bring back the researchers and keep this quiet. If word got out about the forge, before it was properly discovered, his masters would lose their position to lever more profitability out of the findings.

The heroes agreed and tracked down the researchers. They found two set of prints at the top of the cliff. One belonged to goblins and the other seemed to belong to a grey dragon. Cautiously, the heroes advanced. The walked down the hidden path leading to a series of cliffside caves. They found proof of a scuffle and followed it into the caves. The heroes were beset by some hobgoblins upon entering the caves. After a quick but fierce fight, the heroes cut down the goblins and found strange markings on their arms: a ornate blade apparently marking them as Bladebearers…

Now the heroes must press on to find out what happened to the researchers.

Experience Points:
550 xp

75gp each (split from David’s winnings)
Boots of Eagerness
There was also a satchel that was found leftover from a recent dig with some unidentified items inside:
400 GP
1 Black Pearl (worth 500gp but could be bartered for higher value)
A brown canvas bag
A dried, preserved monkey paw on a strong chain



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